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December 5 - 6, 2018

The 2018 Building Florida’s Future – A Vision on Transportation, Infrastructure & Economic Development, will be held on December 5 - 6 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Hosted by Port Canaveral on its expansive property located on the beautiful east coast of central Florida, meetings and events will be held in Exploration Tower, one of the new and exciting event locations that Port Canaveral has to offer, as well as in one of the many spacious cruise ship terminals.

This two-day event will bring together top business leaders, state and national industry experts, and senior elected officials for a high-level discussion about how transportation infrastructure helps grow Florida’s economy and what more we can be doing to keep Florida competitive.  The program will feature conversations about the ecosystem needed to further develop Florida’s commercial space industry, how our state can be a model for intelligent transportation innovation and implementation for the rest of the nation, and what energy solutions and related infrastructure will help power the transportation systems of tomorrow.

Confirmed Speakers Include:
  • Mike Beavin, Director of Commercial Space Policy, National Space Council
  • Phil Brown, CEO, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
  • Crystal Chubeck, Business Development Manager, Smart Communities, Verizon
  • Mike Dew, Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Frank DiBello, President & CEO, Space Florida
  • Tom Feeney, President & CEO, Associated Industries of Florida
  • Tomi Gerber, Assistant Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Enterprise Holdings
  • Bob Hoog, Mayor, City of Cape Canaveral
  • Frank Martz, City Manager, City of Altamonte Springs
  • Captain John Murray, CEO, Port Canaveral
  • Ananth Prasad, President-Designate, Florida Transportation Builders Association
  • James Ray, Special Advisor to the Secretary for Infrastructure, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • James Uthmeier, Counsel to the Office of Secretary & Special Advisor to the Secretary for Space, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
Wednesday, December 5
Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral
1:00 pm
Florida Transportation Commission Public Meeting
5:00 pm
Welcome Reception
6:30 pm
Sponsor's Dinner (Invitation Only)
Thursday, December 6
at Port Canaveral, Terminal 1
8:00 am
Check-In & On-Site Registration
9:00 am
Welcome and Opening Comments
9:10 am
Federal Plans and Priorities
9:40 am
Intelligent Transportation: The Future of Mobility in Florida
The most powerful factor transforming society over the next decade will be the revolution in transportation. Technology is bridging the two as vehicles and the infrastructure on which they operate become increasingly connected. Beyond the buzzwords and soundbites, however, lies complex physical realities and regulatory considerations. How is Florida preparing for this coming era, what are potential challenges on the horizon, and are there additional steps which the public and private sectors can take together today to better facilitate the future of mobility tomorrow?

10:40 am
The Fourth Mode: Boosting Florida’s Commercial Space Industry
The future of interstellar travel and commerce will launch from the shores of Florida – or not. As private industry advances to take a dominant role in the movement of goods and people into orbit, what additional markets will be part of a projected $1 Trillion sector by 2040? How will our state’s space infrastructure – workforce, financial services, supply chains – need to improve to keep Florida’s the gateway to the intergalactic economy of tomorrow?

12:00 pm
Luncheon Keynote Address
1:00 pm
Mega-Region: How Central Florida’s Infrastructure is an Economic Engine
Port Canaveral and Orlando International Airport are not just two of the largest gateways in the nation, but economic and job growth machines for Florida. What investments and development projects are helping these critical hubs continue to meet current and future demands? How do they coordinate on the movement of passengers and goods, and are there additional connectivity needs which would enhance the economic benefit of the region and state as a whole?

1:45 pm

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